Examples of Relevant Projects and Experience

  • As Independent Consultant to the EU Commission – Produced six annual reports from 2006 to 2011 on The Market for Solid Fuels in the European Union. Assembled coal production, consumption and trade data (including lignite and peat) from all 27 EU member states, and provided commentary on the European and World coal markets. Reported findings to National Coal Experts’ Meetings chaired by the EU Commission in Brussels.
  •  As Independent Consultant to the UK Government – Chaired the World Markets Sub-Group of the UK Coal Forum. Led a multi-disciplinary group (indigenous and international coal suppliers, power generators, Government officials and advisors) and produced a report to inform the wider work of the Coal Forum in assessing the future position of indigenous suppliers in the context of world market developments.
  • As Partner of Energy Edge Ltd – Advised a major Russian coal supplier on the European coal market with particular emphasis on regulation of SOx and NOx emissions. Developed a methodology for gaining competitive advantage and maximising prices by supplying low sulphur coals to sulphur-constrained plant.
  • As Managing Director of CoalImP – Chaired the Market Committee of Euracoal (European Association for Coal and Lignite) bringing together representatives of coal producers and importers from across Europe to present and discuss market data and to debate matters of common interest. Edited the biannual Euracoal Market Report and presented world market developments at the Euracoal Executive Committee.
  •  As Expert Witness – Acted in several arbitrations under UK law held in London and Singapore, and in an intellectual property case at the Royal Courts of Justice, London. Gave evidence on coal prices and contract terms, the operation of coal markets and differences between bespoke and standardised contracts.
  • As Marketing Director at UK Coal – Controlled sales to the value of £400 million p.a.  Designed effective programmes to ensure maximum profit to the company.  Increased income by exploiting contract flexibility and optimising delivery patterns.  Maintained excellent customer relationships and avoided disputes and litigation by establishing an atmosphere of trust.  Created an environment where customers wanted to do business
  • Pioneered new contract structures and embraced the increasing commoditisation of coal. Conducted the world’s first internet coal auction.  Introduced floating price contracts with caps and collars. Used derivatives to reduce risk in contracts.
  • Managed all sales and marketing functions from analysis and planning through sales, logistics and quality control, to invoicing.  Matched the changing requirements of a rapidly contracting business by continual evolution of the marketing organisation.  Managed the sales effort throughout the process of privatisation, and ensuing regulatory changes, which led to Europe’s most liberalised energy market.  Changed the organisation and culture of the sales team to meet the challenges of the private sector whilst de-layering and rationalising staffing.