Nigel Yaxley is a leading figure in the European coal industry with experience spanning all key industry milestones of the past thirty nine years.

He provides a range of independent expert, strategic and media services to stakeholders in the energy industry and is founder and Managing Director of CoalImP, the Association of UK Coal Importers and Producers. Nigel is also a Partner with the general energy consultancy firm, Energy Edge.

He is a current Vice President and past President of Euracoal (European Association for Coal and Lignite), which represents the interests of European producers and importers on the European stage, and a past Chairman of Coalpro (the Confederation of UK Coal Producers). Nigel is also a member of the Government-established UK Coal Forum where he chaired the World Markets Sub-Group. In these roles he is intimately involved in shaping energy policy and influencing Government and regulators.

Nigel joined the coal industry in 1977 after graduating in Physics from Cambridge University. He pursued a career in Sales and Marketing, initially with the National Coal Board and British Coal, working in Yorkshire, and at London and Nottinghamshire Headquarters. Nigel joined UK Coal in 1995 on privatisation of the industry and, as Marketing Director to 2005, was responsible for all coal sales, marketing strategy and related policy issues for the company.